I have been on three dates with this lovely, lovely guy. Who I can’t seem to scare off. He’s funny, he’s creative, he’s brilliant. We have a lovely time together.

But, here’s the deal. He is super, super busy. Last weekend, I freaked out, sure that I had done something wrong and scared him off – but actually, he really was as busy as he said he’d be. As it is, I haven’t seen him in almost 3 weeks.

On Wednesday, I sent him a text intending to call things off. I was feeling really hurt that he hadn’t made time for me in so long, and couldn’t even text me at the end of the night, just to keep chemistry and interest going. And make me feel good.

“I can’t make you want to pick up your phone to text me,” I said. “I can’t make you want to hang out with me. I’m really into you, but this is just going to hurt my feelings. I’m really bummed to do this, but I just don’t think it will work for me.”

But then we had a lovely back and forth where he told me he understood, he wished we had met at a different point in our lives, and he really liked me. So, because I’m stupid into him, I was like ok – let’s make this work, then. I agreed to be understanding that he’s busy for the next few weeks, as long as it’s not always. He agreed to try to get in touch more, even if just via text.

Now, generally, at this point – I would just be like, Yeah, naw. I’m good. Too much work. Dating is too stressful for me – I get so anxious and miserable, I would never put myself through this if I didn’t really, really feel like there was something there. But I have this bizarre feeling that this could really be something good, and I want to give him chances. I don’t think he’s an asshole. I do think he really likes me. I just think we need to figure out how to interact with each other. Maybe it’s silly, to fight so much for someone I don’t know really at all. But I just have this gut feeling that this could really be something good.

Then, this weekend, I hadn’t heard from him in five days. I was feeling really hurt and disrespected. Finally, on Sunday, the day we were supposed to hang out, I got a text from him around 1 pm. To tell me he was sorry for not talking to me, but he was sick. He wanted to see me, but he was super sick. Which I understand. Sick happens. But it was also the second time he had flaked on me in a week. And, frankly, it didn’t feel good. Didn’t make me feel special.

He told me he should have a less hectic week this week, and he’d get in touch.

So, I’m waiting to hear from him, to see if he can do something this week. I don’t want to give up. I really feel like I shouldn’t, in my gut. But I’m also aware that I can have bad judgment and let men treat me poorly. So – I’m leaving things in his hands. One more chance. Hopefully he gets in touch and we see each other and it’s the beginning (continuation?) of something fabulous. Wish me luck.