The Toddler just keeps giving and giving.

He tweeted these tweets this morning:

Hey, feminist friends: I have a long blog post I’ve been working on about the “Friend Zone.” I’m a bit concerned about posting it, though.

I posit that it is real and guys have a right to be upset about being there, BUT they cannot let it breed negativity about women in general.

Actually, no.

“The Friendzone” suggests that men have the right to only want to be around women if sex or dating is the endgame. And women are being unfair by saying that they don’t want to date a man, when he wants to date them.

I could even direct your attention to my first post about the Toddler – in which he threw a fit and stormed out of my apartment when I told him I wasn’t interested in dating him. In other words, “I no longer want to hang out with you, now that it’s clear that you will not sleep with me.”

Sure, people can be disappointed when they get rejected by someone they are interested in. But calling it “the Friendzone” means that you were unfairly delegated to a place where “all you get” is a woman’s friendship – God forbid. Because who actually wants women as friends? Please, no guy wants just plain female friends. Sex is what counts, and the Toddler has no time for women when they offer friendship rather than romance.