Ok, I really thought I was the asshole in this situation. But now he’s being one, too.

I’ve gotten no response since I texted him at 3:30 pm yesterday. Nothing. Not even a “Nah, I don’t think so.” Which is a dick move. A rejection is one thing, and I could have handled that with simple disappointment. Disappearing is another matter altogether – especially when you’re disappearing on someone you legitimately know and have some sort of a relationship with.

It reminded me that about six months ago, we made a plan to get drinks. The day we were supposed to meet, I tried to confirm, but he never got back to me. The next day, when I asked what happened, he responded with, “I had to return a video to Blockbuster.” A nice little tantrum, but I didn’t realize at the time how hurt he had been the year before when I unceremoniously broke up with him over text. So when he explained that to me, I cut him some slack.

But you only get one tantrum like that. And totally disappearing on me in the middle of a conversation? That’s a shitty tantrum. I even sent him a text late last night saying, “Hey, you’re really hurting my feelings by ignoring me like this.” And no response.

Bro wants all the power in this relationship, it seems. But I don’t play that game. You can get me to be vulnerable with you once, to ask you to go out again and apologize for being an asshole, but then I’m done. And you don’t get to treat me like shit in return.

So, dodged a bullet, I guess. I only have space for one vindictive bitch in my life, and that’s me.