I leave New York twice a year: once, in the summer, to go to the Jersey Shore with my family, and once to go to DC for Thanksgiving.

But this past weekend, I took an adventure up to Kingston, New York. A friend of mine from high school (!!) has a house up there, and I’d been meaning to visit him for ages. So the dog and I hopped on Metro North and left NYC.

I was talking to my friend about how I recently got Tinder, and realized – you know what would be great for the blog? A vacation post. I’d find someone cute upstate, and write a blog post about how awful he was. An Upstate Asshole.

So I matched with a few cute men. One of them worked as an electrician for Metro North. I like a good blue collar man, and he had a beard, so I suggested we get a drink.

That night, after a fabulous dinner with my friend and his boyfriend, we all met up with the railroad man and his friend. Not only were they not assholes, they were actually kind of awesome.

My friend has an amazing blog where he writes about renovating his house. The house was built in 1865, and it’s gorgeous (but needs a lot of work). My friend has done tons of impressive projects on it, including tiling his kitchen and building a mantle, and he also has impeccable taste – so the house is pretty fantastic.

Turns out, the railroad man had heard of my friend. They both lived in Kingston, and really loved and cared about the town. The railroad man had also bought a 19th century house, it turned out, and he was also restoring it to its former glory.

The five of us spent all night together hanging out, and then, a couple days later, I met up with the railroad man again for lunch. He was awesome. He took me on a tour of Kingston, showed me a gorgeous view of the Hudson, and introduced me to a fantastic diner a few towns away. It was entirely unexpected – this Kingston townie turned out to be incredibly passionate, smart, and a truly decent guy.

So, I never found my upstate asshole. Instead, I met someone really great. If this is the kind of man who lives in the Hudson River Valley? Maybe I need to consider moving to Kingston, myself.