Once upon a time, there was a little red-haired girl. No, not that little red-haired girl. A different one. But this one was just as pretty, and talented, and smart, and covetable.

The little red-haired girl that we are talking about had a good life. She loved her friends. She loved her family. She loved her dog, even though he was a total piece-of-shit troublemaker. But something was missing.

True Love.

Yes, the little red-haired girl wanted true love. She wanted someone to sweep her up and carry her through the moors on a white horse while the wind lapped gently at her beautiful red locks. Well, not really. She was kind of afraid of horses and didn’t particularly like the outdoors. Maybe someone could call her a cab, or something. That would work.

Although the little red-haired girl knew what she wanted, it proved distinctly hard to find. She went on lots and lots of dates with men – hoping to meet her one true love, or, at least, come away with a great story.

Well, she didn’t do so well on the “one true love” front, but she did come away with a lot of great stories. And because this particular little red-haired girl was kind, and giving, and selfless, she decided to share these stories with you: her dear readers. So, dear readers, settle into a comfortable chair. Pour yourself a few fingers of whiskey. Get ready to enjoy the dregs of society, without having to actually interact with them. Because the little red-haired girl has already done the sifting. You’re welcome.

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